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How can you be sure coaching will work for you? Maybe you will find you situation amongst these comments, but don't worry if you can't. All of these people had their own unique and helpful experience with Greenwave.  You can too.

Being at a crossroads in my life I was looking for clarity and John offered a supportive space to explore (the finer details & bigger picture of) what is going on for me at this time.

His straightforward manner invites a trust and an opening into the process, which he facilitates with ease & sensitivity.  He is a natural intuitive and his background and training gives him a broad and balanced spectrum of Life experience which allows him to assist others on their journeys

Entrepreneur. Sussex

Post university I found myself a job very quickly without much time to explore my possibilities. Seeing John through this first year of my ‘non-academic’ life has helped me to expand my perception of what is possible. We have used tools that have brought awareness to my interests and my sense of self which have allowed new imaginations. As I come to look for a new job I will do this with a confidence that now is a time to explore.

'First Job'. Sussex

John held ceremony for our core team....His experience and depth of integrity had a profound and lasting effect on my team and I hope we will be working again with him soon.

Director, Life-Stage Development Ltd

You have a “realness” about you that cuts into people’s “self-talk bullshit” really quickly and I envy your clients who will be held true to themselves by you! Keep going, John!

Facilitator. Germany

I recently left my job within the public sector and  I have felt a level of disorientation, fear, and stuckness when confronted with the future. John has the capacity to listen from a wide place, and offers words without being invasive. I appreciate his generous way of looking out from the place I am standing, which has given me the experience of feeling seen and valued. This was the impetus that gave me the guts to take the next step.

NHS Exectuive. Scotland

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