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Life is a precious gift, how do you plan to to live yours?
The beginning of adult life. Choices and voices, vocation, location and frustration (even a little dissipation).

I am passionate about helping you get clear about life and developing tools to live your dreams. Personally, I messed this bit up! Shiny on the outside, not so bright and right inside.

How to navigate is one skill (and friends and family are often not the most helpful here). But that assumes you know where you want go and that you considered other options, not just the easy or obvious.  Going after something often includes giving up other things, so let’s get clear about that too. Let's work this through too and avoid regrets later.

I can help you, by yourself, or in small group coaching, establish what is important to you. And be alongside you as you work out how to set out after what you want.


What do you really enjoy
Work out a path
How to get better
Get clearer
How to stay on track
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