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Coaching is all about you, and it's also a partnership between you and me. So who am I and why am I drawn to helping people as a coach, guide or mentor.


Coaching and mentoring allows me to bring all of my work experience, extensive trainings  and life insights together.

I have a special passion to help those  just getting going in their life (20-29). Never easy, it's harder now after the virus. My passion to help young adults springs in part from time on a sail training boat in the North Sea with teenagers.

As a Climate orientated Coach I get to work with people who share my concerns for our planet and take great encouragement when they can begin to make change. More and more people are doing this.

I am the Eco-friendly Consultant for business standards certification organisation, Certified Agency ( Here my business know-how can merge with my environmental passions and values to make a difference in the world. It's real hands on work helping people execute change.

I enjoy helping executives succeed, while holding onto their values and dreams, especially around environmental well being.

I grew up in north eastern England, close to the sea and outdoors a lot. After Uni I ended up in the City financing films and media (fun) but with no interest in corporate politics (not fun). To escape, I set up my own consultancy (5 years pre dot com) advising  and raising finance for media and tech outfits.

Post dot com, with a colleague, I started a mobile phone lottery, to earn money for charities. This crashed on take-off! We re-skinned the technology (pre-smart phone!) as a mobile casino. This became the largest such business in Europe. After three rounds of private finance and an AIM stock market listing, I left, burnt out and some what wiser. The business was subsequently sold to one of the world's largest gaming companies.

I am now a Life Coach, (trainings include CTI one of the top internationally recognised organisations and ORSC).

I am an active ceremonialist (for individuals and small groups). I have studied with first nations teachers and been involved in 'men's work' since meeting protest poet Robert Bly in the early 90's. I am comfortable leading large groups and with the strong feelings that can sometimes arise in ceremony.

When I'm not coaching, I am doing some sort of sport, out in nature (re-wilding has my attention), lost in a book, or writing.

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