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About Greenwave

Me & Coaching

The best coaching is based on a partnership between you and I.

So who am I?

Why do I coach, what inspires me and what is my expertise?

Work With Me

I offer a few ways for us to work together:

Introductory short call

This is for you to tell me where you are at and what you want, and for us to see if we can work together. I will explain a little about coaching. It is not a mini coaching session.

One off

A deep dive. Probably half a day. Follow up available.


A series of sessions, (50 mins). Typically at least twice a month for 2 or 3 months, is the format many find most helpful, with time in between, reflecting and responding, as important as the sessions.

My Own Training, Experience & Influences

                 My formal coaching training is with leading leadership and coaching group the Coactive Coaching Institute. I also trained with CRR, focused on corporate and team coaching.

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             I co-founded a successful business, later listed on the AIM stock market and subsequently sold. I am familiar with the world of small business: start ups, cashflow pressure, fund raising, sales, people management and carrying off a plan.


I spent over a decade financing media tech and film businesses independently and as an investment banker. Somewhere in the remote past I studied economics at Cambridge.


My interest and concern for nature comes from lots of outdoor sport and study with first nations teachers.

I am motivated to help Young Adults after years of sailing with wonderful young people on the sail training boat James Cook, and after reflections of my own trials in my 20's.

Much of the emotional intelligence and cultural insight I bring to my coaching comes from years of working with groups of men and subsequently studying with first nations teachers. They include

Robert Bly (poet and author of Iron John) and his then work alongside, the mythologist Michael Meade.

I studied with both the African elders Malidoma and Sobnfu Some, together and separately.

My biggest influence is from years of study and ritual with Martin Prechtel, author, healer and artist.

What Else I'm Up To

l am the environmental consultant at helping SME's work through their ESG processes and certifying them upon success.

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I am co-curating activities at the Into the Wild festival at and at its sister rewilding farm 

I am a ritualist informed by years of study with indigenous teachers, currently offering communal grief rituals and assisting in Rites of Passage ceremonies.

I am available as Non Executive Director for companies that match my own values and need my expertise delivering good climate to shape business.

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