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Why Greenwave?

People ask, why the 'Greenwave' ?

There are two greenwaves in my life.

The obvious one: my desire to see a wave of green enhancing values and behavioiurs wash over all of actions. In work and personal life.


The other is a surfing metaphor for coaching. If you are ever down on the beach and see some surfers out, playing beyond the white breaking waves, that place where they hang out, before taking off on their ride, is where the Greenwave starts. It is where things come really alive, where you can be at your full potential and have the most fun.


There are risks to being in this space and it usually takes some effort to get there.  Paddling out through the choppy white water and surf is often hard work, though there may be skills and secret channels to help save time and energy.

When you start off, it can be frustrating and exhausting, but you also get a sense of the potential. I am sure you can see the comparison with life.


The Greenwave is where you know you want to be. It can be scary, it's often exciting and maybe challenging, but it is better than hanging around discontented on the same old too familiar shore. The invitation here is to grab a coach and jump in!

By the way if you do want a Surf Coach, check out the late Tim Jones. His schools are in Sri Lanka and Tennerife, with loads of goodies on his Surf Insight channel.  He's was one of the best.


But if you want a Life Coach, stay here, with Greenwave Coaching!

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