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Wondering how this is going to work? Interested, but a bit wary or nervous? Hopefully this stuff can help. 


Coaching is a means to explore a part, or all, of your life and the issues, problems and ambitions, that arise in it, the better to live in accordance with your values and goals (some of which coaching will help you define) all so you generally feel better about yourself.

A skilful coach uses tools, questions and techniques to help you work through the topics and agendas that you choose bring to the table.  So a good coach has no claim to wisdom here. They should be able to claim some skill with questions, catching people in the moment and a certain intuition, allied to a series of techniques they will have learnt to give some structure your meetings.  They will also be artful listeners, able to help you identify how you feel about the topics you discuss.

All of this is done in complete confidentiality.

Over time, we build a connection based on trust and understanding. I should also add, the concept of ‘coaching’ assumes that people have the answers in side them already, some part, ‘knows’. The roll of the coach is to draw that out of them, it is not to tell them what to do, or advise them. You set the pace and the agenda, although if I feel you are off track or making it up, I will challenge you, as long as you have already agreed it's cool for me to so.


Most commonly, people come to coaching because things aren't going right, or they want to do better, it's a problem solver. And it can work well for just this. But it can also be a way of staying better in touch with your feelings, your values and your goals and checking into to see how much of the life you want to live is turning up for real.  It's also a good way of waking up a life that might just be feeling a little stayed, or even dull. Companies can use it to help employees along career tracks and to help them meet objectives.

Very often just taking time out to see where things are at, and review them skilfully, can be a huge help. If you have an idea of what you want, but no plan, or a plan, but can't get going, coaching can help you create the plan, and dig into the, sometimes unconscious blocks, that stop you moving forward.

Coaching can change your life, even touch the lives' of the people around you, or just help fix a problem. And it can be fun too!


Once you contact me and assuming you are ok to go ahead, we will have a consultation session, typically less than an hour, to introduce coaching to you and to see how we get on. This is free.

If you want to go onto be coached we will organise a series of one to one meetings, either face to face, Zoom or some such, or by phone. These are paid for.

The first session is normally longer than subsequent ones as it is a get to know session, typically with some background exploration.

Normally sessions are about 50 minutes, though there is no set rule.

To make the best of the experience and to effect change and see things through, it is normally best to commit to a least 3 months of coaching, with normally a couple of sessions a month. Some people commit for at least twice a long as they sense things working for them.

If you want to get going contact me


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