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Is it for you?  Here's what we do.

Welcome to Green Wave Coaching. I would love to hear from you, to arrange a call, or a free consultancy session. You can contact me at:

Coaching can help you get the most out of life, it is not just for when things are bumpy or stuck. Read more about coachingCoaching can help most people. We focus on :



Early adult life ('adulting').  The years in which you make some of you most important decisions. Many can influence the rest of your life. A coach or guide can be that someone in your corner, helping you make sense of your life and supporting you through it.

I am passionate about helping you get clear about life and developing tools to live your dreams. Me, I messed this bit up! I really would have benefitted from a person who had been through this, to help me juggle choices, perhaps with a different perspective and to cheer me on in thick and thin.

I can help, by yourself or in small group coaching, establish what is important to you. And be alongside, as you work out how to set off after what you want in each aspect of your life.


I coach people who are looking to integrate their concerns for the wellbeing of nature and the planet into their operations.


Are you a business owner or executive who wants to bring value & meaning into your work? Let me work with you to determine what those values are and how they can turn up meaningfully in your work and personal life.

Values driven business does not have to be at the expense of other commercial interests and may even lead to enhanced performance in some areas.



There is growing understanding, heightened by covid, of the part emotional well-being plays in our lives and in the success of organisations. Ceremony can assist with this well-being.

I offer ceremonies for individuals and small groups.


I am open to Non Executive Director positions to assist businesses with values (ESG driven) similar to my own. Formerly a director (executive and non executive) of my own AIM listed plc.


55 plus
Senior Exec
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