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There is growing understanding, heightened by covid, of the part emotional well-being plays in our lives and the success of an organisation.   Participating in a ceremony can be a very effective way to bring about change, especially around stuck emotional or unrecognised challenges.

I undertake bespoke ceremonies for individuals, small groups and organisations.  Ceremony can be simple or ornate, for many or a few. Often but not always, in a place of nature.

Ceremony might be to mark significant changes in our lives, to close off the past or prepare for the new. Ceremony can also help move through a trying time or loss (might include attending a grief ritual, a safe space to feel and express deep emotions.)

I have trained (30 years plus) with first-nations teachers, for whom ceremony is still an everyday part of life. I am particularly interested in rites of passage or life stage marking (a current involvement is, or with grief work, where a ceremonial choreography can allow blocked feelings to be felt and moved through.


I am seeking a limited number of Non Executive Director rolls to assist businesses with values (ESG driven) similar to my own.

I have been a director (both executive and non executive) of my own AIM listed plc. This was a rapidly growing start up (3 rounds of VC to listing in 3 years) in a compliance rich environment using innovative technology and the leader in its field.

I have worked with various SME management teams, pre-dominantly, but not solely in media and tech (often IP driven) businesses.  I previously spent 12 years as an investment banker.

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